My younger child used to forget his answers & make silly mistakes in spellings. He used to be in stress during his exams. After attending Coach Deepak Gupta’s Memory Camp Workshop, he has improved a lot and the best part is “NO STRESS”. I am happy. Thank you Deepak Sir.

Manisha Shah – Housewife, Mumbai

Just Awesome. I still can’t believe that my 8 years old daughter can memorize those 48 words in sequence and reverse sequence at once. Deepak Sir’s techniques are so simple yet powerful. I would love to have my daughter join his Memory Camp with Subconcious Reimprinting Workshop.

Hardik Vora – Entrepreneur, Mumbai

I did Memory Camp from Deepak Sir during Diwali Vacations. I am a teacher myself and when I practiced these memory techniques on my students, I was able to pull out their hidden potential. Not only they scored well in their exams, but also they performed better in extra curricular activities.

Shreya Sharma – Teacher, Mumbai

I was not sure how good the Memory Camp would be for my son Tirth, unless I attended the Memory Seminar of Coach Deepak Gupta. But now, after attending his Memory Camp Workshop, not only Tirth but even I am able to use the techniques in my daily routine.

Alka Doshi – Housewife, Dubai