Coach Deepak Gupta is a well-known Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer in Mumbai where he helps children to overcome their challenges like memorizing & recalling when required, fear / phobia of difficult subjects or exams, junk food / mobile / TV / FB / WhatsApp addictions. He also helps children to improve their self-image, build confidence, manage priorities, increase productivity, setting their career goals, etc.

For special children, he does one-to-one personal counselling so that they can gain maximum from his techniques. He has also helped children with Dyslexia / ADHD challenges.

For parents and teachers, he conducts special sessions on how to manage, mentor, counsel & coach their children for their better future. For his workshops and seminars, he travels throughout India.

If you are a concerned parent / teacher and would like to help your children / students to achieve success and ultimate growth in any field, do call Coach Deepak Gupta for an appointment.

Coach Deepak Gupta is best known for…

  1. Child Mentoring, Counselling & Coaching
  2. Stress-free & Quick Learning Patterns
  3. Fear/Phobia Buster Techniques
  4. Confidence Booster Techniques
  5. Memory Enhancement Seminars & Workshops
  6. Parenting Seminars
  7. Parent Child Relationship
  8. Teachers Training for Students Peak Performances